The Benefits of UV Pro-Clean Air Filters
Money Savings and Efficient Energy
A standard 1” fiberglass filter has one primary function; to keep large objects from damaging the heating and cooling equipment. That means they are designed to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the furnace, heat pump and air-conditioning coil….that’s it! It has nothing to do with filtering the air you breathe.
Any particle accumulation on your filter makes you system less efficient and causes it to work harder, leading to potential increases in your energy bill and maintenance costs.
Even so called “high efficiency” 1-inch thick pleated filters have very limited cleaning abilities. The fit loosely in the return opening, so dirty air just goes around them.
Plus they still have to be changed every month to avoid reduced performance.

Destroys Contaminates
The filter mesh is coated with titanium dioxide and calcium oxide which by  themselves have purifying and sterilizing properties. When combined with the ultraviolet light these chemicals act as a catalyst to speed up and intensify the control and elimination of bacteria, virus or mold, to neurtralize odors and to kill dust mites thus keeping your filter clean of any organic matter.
Cleaner Indoor Air
For more severe conditions, you may want to set your
HVAC fans settings to “Continuous ON the UV Pro-Clean Air Filter cleans the air throughout your entire home, treating all of the air in your home, every time it circulates. Even if you set up portable air cleaners in every room you could not beat its performance. Clean Air Filters effectively capture and destroy toxic allergy causing molds, bacteria and viruses, minimizing the risk of serious chronic illness to you and your family, providing an atmosphere of truly “pure” indoor air.

No Ozone
Every appropriate Federal, national, or independent agency accepts that Ozone Generators producing ozone at low concentration levels are safe and poses no health risks. The FDA states ozone is safe as long as concentrations do not exceed .05 ppm. The reality is that the safety of Ozone Generators remains very controversial.
However, why take unnecessary risks when perfectly safe alternatives like UV Pro-Clean Air Filters exist? That is why NO ozone is produced by design or as a by-product of the UV Pro-Clean Air Filters operation.

High Velocity Airflow
The UV Pr-Clean Air Filter is specifically designed for high velocity airflow and cold air output. This factor alone makes UV Pro-Clean Air Filters the “first choice” by many top home building professionals.

Best Warranty and Guarantee
Like all UV lamps, it is very easy to accidently get your fingerprints on the tubes when first installing or changing lamps. The oil from your fingers typically creates hotspots on the bulbs causing their longevity to diminish considerably.  Unlike almost ALL other UV lamps products the warranty on the UV Pro-Clean Air Lamps will not become void under those circumstances.
In fact, we are so confident in the performance of our UV Pro-Clean Air Filters that we will offer the absolute BEST warranty available on ANY air filter ANYWHERE…PERIOD!!!
100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any time your UV Pro-Clean Air Filter does not perform at or above the level we have stated here just ship it back for a full refund and we will reimburse you for the shipping cost.
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